About Naming Companies, Products and Services

Why do people pay someone else to come up with names?

Anyone can come up with a name. However, creating a GREAT name is a blend of imagination and brainstorming melded with tools, techniques and experience unlike any other. It is a skill and a process.

The name of a company or product is the most important single marketing tool you have and, in most cases, you will live with it for the life of the company or product. Why not have the best you can have?

What goes into creating a name?

Here are SOME of the factors to be considered:

  • Industry – Bank and nightclub names are very different.
  • Company background – life cycle, existing brand equity,
  • Positioning – cost-effective, tech leader, luxury, safe…
  • Future plans – product families,
  • Use – taglines, marketing, literature, online…
  • Competitive advantages – what entity characteristics should be emphasized?
  • Competitors – what names and positioning do they use?
  • Customers – what do they expect from you and/or what do you want them to expect?
  • Owners – vital input; do they want a name descriptive of their products or an obscure word that can be built into a brand
  • Name ease of spelling
  • Name memorability
  • Name length

External factors can also have a large impact:

  • Domain name availability
  • Searches and search results
  • Existing Trademarks, Copyrights and Registrations
  • Embracing culture, but avoiding fads
  • Words that have secondary negative connotations